Friday, April 6, 2012

Aegyptus [1920– 2006] at JSTOR

Aegyptus 1920-2006 (Anni 1-86) (Previous Title: Studi della Scuola papirologica
ISSN: 0001-9046
Aegyptus, the Italian Egyptology and Papyrology journal, was founded in 1920
by Aristide Calderini and directed by him until his death (1968). The direction
was then entrusted to Orsolina Montevecchi until year n. 80 (2000). Since year
81 (2001) the Director has been Rosario Pintaudi. The editing is care of the
Papyrology School of the Catholic University of Milan. A general index of the first
50 years (1920-1970) can be found in “Studia Amstelodamensia” II (1974) edited
by S.M.E. van Lith. This specialized magazine publishes articles of Egyptology,
Greek and Coptic Papyrology written by Italian and foreigner  scholars, in Italian,
French, English, Spanish and German.

is now available in the Arts & Sciences IX collection at JSTOR to institutions with

You will find a link to it in AWOL.

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