Friday, July 22, 2011

PE (SoSOL) training session: one down one to go!

This from the airport, between two DDbDP/HGV/SoSOL training sessions. About two dozen papyrologisists, epigraphists, and ancient historians are now winding down a week-long Workshop on Digital Tools in Papyrology, sponsored by the Austrian National Library, the Austrian Academy of Science and Vienna University. Included among the exciting presentations and discussions were several Papyrological Editor (SoSOL) training sessions, where a wide range of participants -- junior and senior, papyrologists and epigraphists, Hellenists, Demotists, Coptologists, and Arabists -- entered many texts from O.Abu Mina, all of CPR 25 (most of it is now online already), and almost all of CPR 30 (which we shall finalize soon). We tested the new line-by-line commentary feature, documented search-interface desiderata, and even entered -- for testing purposes -- the Arabic portion of a Greek-Arabic bilingual document (and it worked!). What a fantastic and collegial group! Many thanks to Bernhard Palme and all of our colleagues in Vienna for conceiving, organizing, and hosting such a wonderful and productive event!

Now on to London, where Adam Bülow-Jacobsen, Hélène Cuvigny, Holger Essler, Maria Rosaria Falivene, Micaela Langelloti, Nikos Litinas, Myrto Malouta, Anna Monte, Alberto Nodar, Marco Perale, Nadine Quenouille, and Joanne Stolk, will join Rodney Ast, Gabriel Bodard, Chad Crouch, Todd Hickey, Josh Sosin, and Charlotte Tupman in the next training session, starting Monday 25 July!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Workshop on Digital Tools in Papyrology

Posted for Bernhard Palme, via Papy-L:

This workshop, organized jointly by the Austrian National Library, the Austrian Academy of Science and Vienna University, will provide an introduction to the most important digital tools in papyrology. The program will offer a mixture of classes (in English), in which the students will get an overview of the manifold electronic resources in the field, and training sessions on the new editing platform for DDbDP, HGV, and APIS. 
The workshop will also include visits to the Papyrus Collection and the Papyrus Museum of the Austrian National Library. The main teachers will be James Cowey (Universität Heidelberg), Mark Depauw (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Sandra Hodecek (Österreichische Nationalbibliothek), Thomas Kruse (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften), Bernhard Palme (Österreichische Nationalbibliothek/Universität Wien), Lucian Reinfandt (Universität Wien), Joshua D. Sosin (Duke University), Johannes Thomann (Universität Zürich). 
The workshop will begin on Monday, 18th July with registration in the morning and courses in the afternoon, and will end on Friday, 22nd July in the evening. On Saturday, 23rd July, morning there will be a guided tour to the Ephesos Museum. 
There is no fee for the course, but 125 Euros have to be charged for accommodation in a university Hall of Residence. The number of participants is restricted to 20. Advanced students with an interest in papyrology and solid knowledge of Ancient Greek and English are invited to participate, whether they have already experience in the subject or not. 
Applications, including a curriculum vitae, should be sent before July 12 to
Bernhard Palme