Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trismegistos People

Just posted to the PAPY-list:

Dear colleagues,

New travels fast in these days of Facebook and Twitter ...
Although we had hoped to develop the system for proposing corrections and adding names before sending this email, it seems better to announce the launch of a beta version of Trismegistos People now.

Trismegistos People consists of a complex set of prosopographical and onomastic databases, listing personal names of non-royal individuals in Trismegistos Texts (currently some 458,000 attestations).
It is very much a work in progress and needs to be perfected in many ways, as users will notice. For some of these we will develop, as said above, a system enabling you to help us.
In the meantime, I hope the tool proves useful and you enjoy its search facilities, limited as they currently are.

Please check out the website at

For Trismegistos,

Mark Depauw

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