Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DDbDP / HGV / SoSOL training session

07-10 March 2011, members of the Integrating Digital Papyrology team will lead a session at King's College London, in which papyrologists will have the opportunity to learn about EpiDoc and SoSOL, the new online editing platform for the DDbDP and HGV. Participants include: Ljuba Bortolani, Ruey-Lin Chang, Graham Claytor, Jenny Cromwell, Alain Delattre, Marius Gerhardt, David Leith, Roberta Mazza, Mario Paganini, Maryline Parca, Antonia Sarri, Sofia Torallas, Paul van der Laan, Herbert Verreth, and Marja Vierros. Another such session is scheduled for 25-28 July 2011.

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